Cupcakes are the FAVOR- ite!

CupcakeFavor-178x300Party favors can be a hit-or-miss. We’ve all been to those theme parties when the take home is little bottle of bubbles that never seem to blow a real bubble. If it’s a party for young children, then party favors for kids can be just as tricky, especially if you want to try to personalize them. Traditional favors like crayons, plastic rings, pencils, and noisemakers might be too run of the mill, and are likely to end up in the black hole we often refer to as the junk drawer.

So here’s an inspired thought: Instead of buying a cake and party favors, why not combine the two? Try offering cupcakes, let the kids customize them with their own toppings, and let the cupcakes be the party favors themselves—how creative is that!

First set up an array of cupcake flavors. Some kids might want chocolate, while others might want vanilla. From there, set up a station where the kids have their choice of frosting, maybe two colors (remember, turnout and, ultimately, cost are factors!). And finally set up a station where the kids can choose the toppings they want to finish off their creation, whether sprinkles, gummi bears, chocolate chips, or even M & M’s. Now, it could get messy, but it will be a blast!

Cupcake party favors are a big win for everyone. Obviously, you win out because you kill two birds with one stone, and the kids win out for several reasons. First, there’s empowerment for them, which they may not even realize—they get to choose their own treat, made their way. Second, it’s fun for them! On top of that, they get to take their own cupcake, their own creation, home and show it off to their parents.

Now, keep in mind, many of the kids will want to eat one cupcake there, so you should plan on two cupcakes per child, one for the party and one to take home.

If you’re worried how the kids will get their cupcake home, we‘ve got you covered. As an added bonus, each child can pack his/her take-home cupcake into a festive, birthday party-themed cupcake box. And you can use the cards that come with each of the boxes as thank you notes, and attach them before the kids go home.

The kids come with a gift and leave with a gift for them too! This creates a memorable celebration they won’t forget.

Birthday-themed boxes featured on the 24-K Packaging website:

I would love to hear your creative party favor ideas. Please comment below!


18 Responses to Cupcakes are the FAVOR- ite!

  1. Noni Boon says:

    OMG I love cupcakes. Just reading about them gets me excited. Such a kid.
    Noni Boon xxxxxxxx

  2. Claire says:

    Great idea – I LOVE cupcakes, so I’m a huge fan of any excuse to indulge! :D

    • Kristine Bonilla-Dutra says:

      Hi Claire,
      I know I also use any excuse to indulge (lol), especially since they have become so
      creative with all the flavors of cupcakes. I actually gained weight when I was creating our first box.
      Market research…someone had to eat the samples!

  3. Beverly says:

    Great ideas – My littlest is just about to turn three and this would be lots of fun for her and her friends. We have done make your own pizza at party’s too using english muffins as the crust.

  4. Patty Farmer says:

    I LOVE cupcakes and as a mother to 6 daughters they always loved decorating the cupcakes instead of having a cake and I like the idea of letting them express their individuality in such a simple easy way.

    Patty Farmer

    • Kristine Bonilla-Dutra says:

      Hello Patty,
      WOW, 6 daughters! you deserve a huge cupcake :-)
      Yes, I agree kids love getting to choose for themselves.

  5. Love the idea, Kristine and I personally know that you have the most stunning packaging to go with the cupcakes! :)

  6. HMMM…my husband’s 60th birthday is around the corner. He’s such a kid himself that self decorating cupcakes would be “poifect” for all of the “big” kid guests! This is awesome, Kristine!

  7. Hi kristine,

    I really enjoyed reading this fun post. It’s a great idea to let the kids spread their creative wings. I’m definitely going to give it a try. Now, I’m craving a cupcake. Lol!

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  8. KATE GARDNER says:

    This will bring out a child’s creative side , and bring enjoyment and food all into one place :)
    l love the idea Kristine :)

    • Kristine Bonilla-Dutra says:

      Hi Kate!
      Creativity for kids is so important.
      I agree, they love to express themselves and this is
      such a sweet way!

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