Created for anyone who loves to add a creative touch with
extra flair, unique style and a personal message all in one!

At 24K Packaging, we believe that presentation is
just as important as the gift itself because you never get
a second chance to make a first impression.

100% Pure, Sweet Happiness. . .
. . .it’s Kristine’s story:

Since I have a love for anything sweet, especially cupcakes, I enjoy giving them as thoughtful gifts for any and all occasions.  One day I was in need of a birthday gift for my co-worker and after visiting my local cupcake shop to get a ‘gift’ I noticed something.  The only option for me to add a personal touch was a ribbon for $1.50 to tie around the plain packaging they provided. After asking the young lady behind the counter if they had anything else that was more customized she replied, “Sorry we don’t, but we sure do get a lot of customers asking if we do.” I thought to myself, wow!

If I was willing to buy a Birthday card for $5.00, why aren’t there customized boxes around for cupcakes? I left the cupcake shop feeling disappointed and even though I didn’t know it yet, a brilliant idea had been planted in my mind. Several months later, the same situation, back  at my local cupcake shop and still nothing new to offer. That evening at my kitchen table I began the design process; with scissors, wrapping paper and an ordinary kid’s meal box from a fast food restaurant. I also began researching and visiting several more Bakeries and Cupcakeries, still unable to find what I was looking for. I was visualizing a unique box that came with a matching card and something I could be proud to present my gift in.  Several yummy cupcakes and prototypes later, I am excited and proud to introduce our signature “Greet & Treat” custom cupcake box.


hugs & happiness,